Mobile First

There are more mobile users than desktop users. Give your visitors a good mobile experience and Google will give you a better search engine ranking. If the users are not given mobile experience they will simply go to a website which gives them the mobile experience. Responsive websites will automatically fit in all mobiles, iphone, ipad, android, tablets, kindle as well as on desktop screens. Check us out on mobiles – Kasthuri Web Design – you will see how the design fits the screen sizes.

With responsive sites you need to have only one website which will serve the purpose. No need for separate mobile site. Also you need to update the contents at single place. Awesome!

Kasthuri Web Design considers how your website look and work on smart phones and tablets. Appropriate break points need to be given through media queries. As newer smart phones are emerging with many different widths all screen sizes from 320 px resolution upto larger desktop resolution are to be considered.